Information about the Forth Naturists Club, Haddington near Edinburgh, Scotland

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are frequently posed when people contact us about Naturism or attending the swim.  We have summarised them here to give you some reassurance.  If there is anything not covered here, feel free to contact us.

Q) What if I get an erection?

A) It just doesn't happen.  The Naturist session is not in any way sexual or sexually stimulating.  If, however, you do feel any stirrings, you can cover up with a towel, jump in the pool, take a cold shower or retreat to the steam room.


Q) I can't swim.  Can I still come along?

A) Yes.  We don't all swim.  There is also a sauna and a steam room, and we have the use of the sports hall (bring your own equipment).


Q) Do I have to get naked?

A) Yes.  Naturism is not a spectator sport.  However, we do understand that women have certain special requirements at certain times.


Q) How do I get there by public transport?

A) There are other websites that will answer that question better than we can and with more up-to-date information.

Please consult Traveline Scotland for ways to get to Haddington by bus.


Q) What is the age range, gender balance or couples/singles ratio?

A) Not all the members turn up every time, so it is impossible to predict this.  However, it is true to say there are usually more men than women, possibly because men are more relaxed about their bodies than many women.  Our average attendance is about 25 people, out of which there are typically 3 or 4 attending as couples (many of our members have partners who cannot always attend due to work shifts).  The age range varies.  Sometimes we have young children, young adults, middle aged, and older people.  The simplest answer to this question?  Come along and see for yourself.

Q) Children are allowed.  Doesn't nudity upset them or scare them?

A) Not at all.  We are all born naked.  Children are very often allowed to run about naked at the beach when very young.  There are many studies which conclude it does them no harm whatsoever, and they grow up perfectly normal and more socially integrated.  The Forth club have members who have taken training for the Child Protection Scheme, recognised by the NSPCC.

Q) Is it legal to be naked at the swim sessions?

A) Yes.  We have exclusive use of the building.  There is no law against being naked as such.  Only when it is done in public can it become an issue.


Q) Are the lifeguards naked too?

A) For legal and insurance reasons, there are two lifeguards present at all times during the sessions.  They are not (necessarily) naturists and they wear their uniforms.  They are only concerned with your safety and only patrol the poolside.


Q) I've had a mastectomy / I have an operation scar usually hidden by a swimming costume.  Will people stare?

A) No.  You are what you are.  Naturists accept you the way you are.  People will be happy to discuss it with you if you bring the subject up, but it's up to you and nothing to worry about.


Q) Should I trim my pubic hair?

A) It's up to you.  Some people do, some people don't.  Everybody has their own individual preference.  Some people even have their hairdresser do it.


Q) I have genital or other piercings or body jewellery.  Is this a problem?

A) No.  If you have a large amount, it may be of concern to the pool staff for hygiene or safety reasons, but a modest amount is no problem.


Q) Are there any risks involved?

A) The club is covered by Public Liability Insurance.  There are no greater risks to your safety than those at a textile (clothed) swimming pool facility.


Q) What about hygiene?

A) There is no appreciable difference between a naturist swim session and a textile one.  Some countries such as Finland actually make it a rule that no swimming costumes are to be worn, in the interests of hygiene.


Q) What do I need to bring with me?

A) On your first visit, please bring ID, preferably Photo-ID.  We recommend bringing a small towel for sitting on and a larger one for drying off later on.  You can bring shampoo, same as you would in a normal pool.  And entrance money.

Q) Must I be a member / Can I join at my first visit?

A) No.  We have a policy whereby you need to make 6 visits before you will be offered probationary membership.  This is for the protection of the members.


Q) Can I become involved in the running of the club?

A) Yes, once you are accepted as a member, you can stand for election to the committee.


Q) Do I have to be a member of BN?

A) We would prefer that you are a member of BN (British Naturism) because membership helps to raise awareness of the growing number of Naturists which means we will be treated more fairly by the authorities.  You can usually get membership forms for BN and a look at some BN magazines at the venue.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.